Branding Through Television and Arrival of Digital Media

  • Mugdha Sengupta


Branding has remained the crux of marketing function for more than a century. In fact, the day modern marketing had emerged branding had been a part and parcel of marketing strategy. Companies surviving for more than a hundred years and the new emerging companies putting strong challenge to them are all carefully and successfully rolling their dice on the board of branding. Advertisers have always put extra effort in designing their campaign for branding. The media scenario for adverting has also become complicated over years. At one point of time newspaper was the primary vehicle for promotional communication. However over time film,radio and finally television have emerged as important media for marketing communication. At one point of time, and probably till now, television has been an important medium of all for advertising. Brand development took it course primary through  television. But, recently with the arrival of digital media, the old conventional idea is changing. Many brands have emerged through digital media without much support of television. But it is still too early to assume that television has lost its importance in brand development.

Jun 21, 2017
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