Student Radicalism in Hungary: A Survey of Corvinus University Students

  • Anirban Banerjee


The objective of the present study is to examine whether Hungarian students are in favour of radical social change. With this objective in mind, a pilot study was carried out in 14th November, 2011 at the Institute of Sociology and Social Policy, Corvinus University, among the MA students. All the students of two MA classes, who were present, participated in the survey. We find that out of 32 students, who participated, 17(53.17%) were not acquainted with Marxism, and, therefore, had no attitude to radical social change. Of the remaining fifteen students, 6 (40%) were conservatives and 9(60%) were liberals. There were no radicals among the students surveyed. Though it is a micro-study, it shows that educated Hungarian youth have strong views on the major social, economic and political issues facing nation. They are also conscious of their political rights and citizenship duties like voting. The author has made some policy prescriptions and suggested directions for future research.

Dec 28, 2012
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BANERJEE, Anirban. Student Radicalism in Hungary: A Survey of Corvinus University Students. Society Today: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Social Science, [S.l.], v. 1, n. 2, p. 51-58, dec. 2012. ISSN 2319-3328. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 31 oct. 2020.